In past life, Josh Levine was a Dutch oil painter. In this one, he is a photographic artist, alert to magnificence, exploring NYC and its surroundings, the American West, and beyond.

He is on the hunt for layers of history and texture in both the urban and natural worlds. Josh was born in Brooklyn in the 60s, graduated from Pingry School and Franklin and Marshall College, and has lived and worked in Manhattan and Brooklyn, along with Santa Fe/Madrid, the Pacific Northwest and Vietnam. He is currently based (perched?) on the side of a NJ mountain that overlooks the entire NYC tableau, where man and nature entwine.


"Gorgeous, cinematic, classic, perceptive, mysterious. Gentle yet Bold."

"Exploring the passage of time, history, man's relation with nature. Celebrating love, life, family, friends, pleasure. Glorifying the natural world, and our very sense of vision. Masterfully, creatively printed images that make you say: Wow."

"Silk Village Lotuses" Permanent Display Vietnam Embassy, Washington, D.C.

Winner International Photography Awards" "High Desert Dreams"

L'oeil de la Photographie publishes "Circa Vietnam" Series :

product and value

Works for sale in limited or open editions, depending on its series which includes subject and material.

Media include traditional photographic papers, as well as other papers, bamboo, acrylic and brushed aluminum.

This work, of course, reflects a love affair with light and life. That said, the work is also made with regard for retaining and maximizing the work's value and quality, such as respect for archival principals and editioning.

To view or purchase please use contact form below. Shipping and tax included in final price.

Note: Horizontal AND vertical versions of some images are available.

commercial photography

Josh is also commissioned for institutions and individuals for advertising, marketing, annual reports, editorial, portraiture and other storytelling platforms. Based in NYC metro in bucolic Watchung, NJ, he shoots lifestyle, portraiture and is inspired by and prepared for environmental or studio settings, with full access to first rate professionals including makeup, hair, lighting, digital tech and print partners, if needed. Along with his style and collaborative skills, Josh is about "storytelling" and message clarity. Lifestyle and commercial work can be found at: (photography) and (writing and feature stories)


For more information contact info at joshlevinefineart dot com or via the form below.

"Hey Josh: Why do you do this?"
Deeply moved by beauty of everyday life;  committed to art and artisan-ship; fascinated by process and result;  inspired and empowered every time like-minded art lover utter those words:
"I want that on my wall."

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